2017 Photos:

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2017 Fair Queen - Jacelyn Michener
2017 Jasper County Fair Princess - Codi Holdeman


2017 Brice Leonard Supreme Showman Champion Macey Leonard and Reserve Champion Jacob Smith - Supreme Showmanship Contest is sponsored by Tri-Leonard Farms and Baxter State Saving Bank

2017 Brice Leonard Supreme Showman Participants - Jordon DeVries (goat), Gavin Branderhorst (swine), Macey Leonard (sheep), Kevin Parker (dairy), Kiley Essen (llama), Elizabeth Horn (horse) and Jacob Smith (beef)
DMACC BEARdown Showdown was held on Saturday, July 29, 2017 competing against 6 other county champions.  Jasper County was well respresented by the following:

2017 Grand Champion Breeding Beef
Shelby Deaton (Baxter FFA)

2017 Grand Champion Meat Goat
Tad Wilson (PC Champs)

2017 Grand Champion Market Steer
Lillie Vansice (Hominy Ridge)

2017 Grand Champion Market Lamb
Devin Carson (Baxter FFA)

2017 Grand Champion Commercial Lamb
Kaylin VanRyswyk (Baxter FFA)

2017 Grand Champion Market Goat
Emarie Finch (Hominy Ridge)

2017 Grand Champion Market Hog
Gavin Branderhorst (PC Champs)

2017 Grand Champion Commercial Breeding Gilt
Kaylin VanRyswyk (Baxter FFA)

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