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July 14-20, 2023
Colfax, Iowa

Welcome to Jasper County Fairgrounds

A volunteer organization that strives to provide family entertainment while promoting the youth ag and educating others about our counties ag industry.

The mission of the Jasper County Fairboard is to provide resources, encourage, support, and promote the growth and development of urban and rural communities of Jasper County by emphasizing the education and leadership skills of our youth. We provide agriculture, industry, and business opportunities to all Jasper County residents, while showcasing our youth, the backbone of our community.

The first Jasper County Fair was held in October 1855, in Newton, Ia. Our 2022 fair will be the 167th fair of Jasper County. In 1932 Jasper County Agricultural Society faced a financial crisis. Due to this, Fred Maytag offered the Agriculture Society to host their fair at The Fred Maytag Park located in Newton, Iowa. The fair gave the opportunity for Jasper County residents to have a social gathering and showcase their locally grown livestock and produce. The Jasper County Fair was held at this location for 3 years. In 1936 the city of Colfax donated approximately 10 acres of ground to the Jasper County Fair where it currently resides to this day. This location allowed for a flatter topography and more ease of expansion. We have survived the "Floods of 1993" and "Flood of 2010" and have made many improvements to the fairgrounds to prevent flood damage in the future.

The Jasper County Fair is the largest “free” event held in Jasper County. We take pride that our fair is still one of the very few in Iowa that is a 100% free fair. We do receive local and state funding that help with utilities and upkeep of the facility which we are grateful for. We also rely heavily on fundraisers, sponsors and donations to help fund any capital improvement projects we may have throughout the year.

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Storage In/Storage Out Dates

Storage in dates – October 30, 2022 @ 1pm

Storage in dates – April 2, 2023 @ 1pm

Storage Available

We have boat storage available, please contact Doug @ 641-521-5645

Thank you all you Donated & Purchased @ Monday Night Fundraiser Auction

Thank you to the contributors, bidders and buyers during Monday evening’s Fair Fundraiser Auction!! Auction Items and Contributors: • Gary Osborn – Roses• All About Pies – Strawberry Rhubarb Pie [ more ]

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Winter Storage Fees
Jasper County Fairgrounds - Colfax, Iowa
Effective April 1, 2022

Call Doug Woebbeking @ 641-521-5645 with questions

Cars, Pickups, Motorcycles
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